Parmigiano Reggiano with organic milk, processed in cauldrons and containers dedicated to the organic transformation, separated from other productive processes. All the passages, from the animals’ identification, passing through feeding and breeding to the final transformation, allow the complete traceability of the product and are certified following the laws concerning the biological agriculture production and processing (Reg. CEE 2092/91).

  • 1.Parmigiano ReggianoCategory
  • packaging From 12 to 23 months
  • White and green

Parmigiano Reggiano with organic milk – See more at:

Available in different sizes and packages:


  1. Wedge 250/300 gr
  2. Wedge 550/600 gr
  3. Wedge 750/800g
  4. Heart 1000 gr
  5. Wedge 950/1200 gr
  6. Eighth 5000 gr
  7. Quarter (half-moon) – in cryovak
  8. Half wheel – in cryovak
  9. Whole wheel